Research group in health services of Aragon

We study the use of health services, primarily in the Autonomous Region of Aragon, analyzing relevant aspects such as their effectiveness, efficiency, suitability, safety, quality and equity. The ultimate goal is to improve health care, so that it adequately responds to the needs of the population.

Consolidated Career

We work in several fields of Public Health, primarily in health services research. We have carried out a significant number of research projects in this field which results have been disseminated through scientific publications and technical reports that have allowed the transfer of results.

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Featured projects:

CARhES Cohort

The CARhES (CArdiovascular Risk factors for Health Services research) cohort is made up of the adult population of Aragon with a diagnosis of hypertension, diabetes or dyslipidemia, traditional risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Through the analysis and integration, mainly of Real Life Data (RWD), from administrative and clinical databases of the Aragonese Health Service, it is intended to know which are the pharmacological treatments that the individuals of the CARhES cohort take and how they use these health services. They also try to identify inequalities in the care provided by the health system, their effect on health outcomes, and describe the groups of patients with the greatest needs.

Do you know the Don'ts? App

In a healthcare and training context characterized, on the one hand, by the fascination with technology and the overuse of unnecessary and insufficiently evaluated procedures and resources for prevention, diagnosis and treatment and, on the other, by the generalization of the use of smartphones in life daily and in education, together with other research groups such as IRyCIS and the Fisabio Foundation, we set out to develop a free app for use on mobile phones in IOS and Android environments with a trivial game system aimed at identifying unsafe medical practices and of little value.


Novelties and new topics